I am freelance writer Megan Shaffer, creator and curator of Night Light Revue. My work as a writer and reviewer of contemporary literature has appeared in HOUR Detroit magazine, BookBrowse,  and various Patch publications. I currently sit on the Michigan Notable Book committee and cover literary events and author appearances in the Detroit metro area and throughout the state of Michigan.

After years of casual conversations regarding book suggestions, readings, and all things literary, I decided to take it online with a little publication of my own.

Why Night Light Revue?

Time and time again the question is asked, “When do you find the time to read and write?”  The answer, unequivocally, is after the workaday world grinds to a halt. Those of us who are not in a position to practice our trade of choice as a living, must eke out time to pursue our dreams and perfect our crafts.

Whether you opt to slink off immediately after tucking in the kids, roam the house in the wee hours, or relish those quiet hours just before dawn, there lies an entire artistic underground humming right alongside you, creating by the honeyed glow of the night light. NLR is for those of us who pursue our artistic interests while the rest of the world sleeps.


2 responses to “About

  1. We appreciate all you’re doing to promote books in the Detroit area – thank you!

  2. techeditor

    I’m always on the lookout for author book signing events and lectures in the Detroit area. I’m so glad to find this blog.

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